About Kameron (WIP)

K was "born" to two incredibly wealthy parents, Mr. & Mrs. Clough. Their wealth is generational, with each of their parents owning many buildings and businesses in the Main District (which at the time is the hub of robotics and android science). They also own stock in different companies that specialize in the design and manufacture of androids. K's parents wanted a perfect child; because of this K spent the majority of his childhood perfecting various activities that his parents enrolled him in.
From ages 5-11, K mastered 4 different languages, was above average at piano, and was an avid tennis player (two things his parents were enrolled in as children). Throughout his early childhood K never questioned why his parents wanted him to do all these things, as they were mostly fun to him. At age 11, child androids receive brand new updates to spring them into adolescence. Around this age is when K started to question his origins since his parents were never transparent about where he came from, or what he even is.