Bold Blocks

I am a 21 yr old artist using neocities to gather all my OCs from my unfinished projects XD
(tht is me pictured above drawn by urs truly...) my site looks a lil wonky due to me barely knowing html :D heres my insta! :333

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05-24-21: a little late, but part 2 is uploaded !
05-20-21: Dont u guise worry, the 22nd is the next update !! I think that'll be my regular update day unttil I draw faster XD
05-03-21: ARGHHH my pen nib BROKE this morning D: comic update will be later than anticipated :(( My new nibs are coming ASAP
04-28-21: I'm currently working on episode 1: part 2 and it should hopefully be out next week! Stay tuned :D
04-23-21: Thank u 2 anyone who read the first episode! ive added a guestbook today X3
04-22-21: UPDATE UPDATE: First episode uploaded! finally.....the first episode of Roboriot should be uploaded tonite!!!
04-17-21: WHEW srry for the radio silence! first chapter is almost ready for upload...stay tuned ((:
03-23-21: So updates have been slowing down because im actually starting the comic I'm gonna upload on here! It will take a while because I want to have at least a chapter ready to upload for the next big update! Stay tuned! :3
03-14-21: Added drawn pics for characters ((:
03-11-21: Added placeholder images for worlds and characters + learning to set up a grid! Fixed update table (kinda)
03-09-21: Added updates table XD